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Amigo The Devil (born under the name Danny Kiranos) has captivated listeners with his ability to make otherwise grisly lyrical content, such as serial killers and death, seem easygoing. If you’ve ever been to an Amigo The Devil show, you can probably imagine hearing a crowd of people merrily and carefreely chanting alongside him as he continues, “If I’m crazy, I’m crazy for you.”

Amigo The Devil creates energy, and turns audiences into participants of their own awakenings, as they sing along to songs written for them. The Austin-based songwriter is known to pen the lyrics that everyone thinks but are too timid to say. Attending an Amigo The Devil show is intense, creates relief and euphoria among crowds with the infectious and emotional depth associated with not only the writing, but also the surreal and prophetic performance of a single man and banjo

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