The Landscape of Downtown Nashville and The SOBRO district continues to evolve. We have enjoyed free parking via our great neighbors for 27 years. While free parking still remains in the business park and along the street around the Venue, Parking on the 3RD and ASH STREET lots are now PERMANENTLY CLOSED for the construction of three towers of residential units. The owners of these lots have been very kind to us for years and allowed our guests as well as those of all the surrounding businesses overflow parking for our growing neighborhood.

Additionally, adjoining pay lots have been installed at the corner of 4th and Ash Street, and just North at the corner of 4th and Elm Street.

We want to be good neighbors to all of our surrounding business neighbors, please do not park in no parking areas, or in front of their doors or bays. These areas are clearly marked as excluded parking options. Any questions you may have, management can provide updated info for our guests as you enter the Venue as things evolve. Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Green = Free Parking
Blue = Paid Parking
Red = No Parking