Mikah, better known as HONÜ was born and raised on the big island in Hilo, Hawaii. His passion for music started at a young age as one of his dreams was to be a hip hop artist. Upon graduating high school, he attended college in Arizona which is where he fell in love with Electronic Music.

In 2018, he took the leap and moved out to LA where he would attend ICON Music Collective. Throughout the program he would form the HONÜ brand and was fortunate enough to perform for Space Yacht and Insomniac Bass Rush.

In 2022, he relocated to Arizona and successfully made his comeback by performing with artists such as Hermitude, Corrupt UK, and headlined his first show at the well-established Walters Where?House. Along with performances, he's released with Space Yacht, Brohouse, Gold Deeper, 3000 Bass and other credible dance labels.

The momentum carried into 2023 as HONÜ has landed releases on DIM MAK, Drama Club, Box of Cats, House Call, Gold Digger and many more well-established labels within the industry. He's supported artists on tour such as Bonnie x Clyde, Austin Millz and Yultron. HONÜ is consistently pushing the boundaries and showing his fanbase that anything is possible if you work towards it.

One thing he wants all his fans to take away is that you should never stop chasing your dream, even if you're as slow as a turtle…

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