Other Teragram Ballroom Rules & FAQs:

No flyers, stickers, or handbills will be allowed in the club.

You will be ejected for throwing ANYTHING.

By entering an event you are agreeing not to participate in any moshing, crowd surfing, stage diving, or other activities that may negatively impact your fellow attendees. Have a good time, but don’t let your good time get in the way of anyone else’s good time. You will be ejected from the event for any of the above activities.

No outside food, beverages, markers, spray paint, weapons (includes pocket knives).

If you require ADA accommodation, please reach out to us prior to the day of the show at ADA@teragramballroom.com. If unable to make arrangements in advance, please arrive 15 minutes before the doors open to ensure we are able to reserve space for you.

You must show proof of age by government-issued photo ID and get a wristband to be served at the bar.

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